Capolavori del Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea

Federico Patellani. Profession: Photojournalist

Curated by Kitti Bolognesi and Giovanna Calvenzi

After presenting the work of Federico Patellani in group shows and solo exhibitions devoted to single themes, the Museum of Contemporary Photography organized a major retrospective of the great master of Italian photojournalism. Federico Patellani (Monza 1911-Milan 1977), after graduating in law began photographing in 1935 during his military service in Africa. In 1939 he began collaborating with the Alberto Mondadori weekly Time, for which he invented the "phototext", photo shoots accompanied by captions written by Patellani himself. A sensitive and educated narrator, he was a witness to all the events that shaped Italy after the war: the monarchy-republic referendum, the occupation of lands in the South, the postwar economic recovery, cultural life, the rise of beauty contests and of Italian cinema. In 1952 he went freelance and collaborated with major publications (Epoca, Storia Illustrata, La Domenica del Corriere). He also worked in film and directed three documentaries. From 1956 until his death he devoted himself mainly to travel photography. The large retrospective exhibition, enriched by the writings of Oreste Del Buono, Alberto Lattuada and Federico Patellani himself, presents all the topics addressed by Patellani during his career.

Palazzo Madama, Turin, 23 April - 13 September 2015

Federico Patellani (Monza, 1911 – Milan, 1977) was one of the masters of Italian photojournalism, recognized throughout Europe. A cultured and refined narrator, he bore witness to postwar Italy and its economic recovery, customs and cultural life, also working in film.

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