» The Museum of Contemporary Photography’s permanent collection of photographic works includes over 2 million items, including black and white and color prints, slides, negatives, videos and installations by about 600 authors, Italian and foreign.

The collection of images provides a significant cross-section of photography from the post-WW II period until the present day, examining important topics such as the transformations of the modern landscape, portraits, social photography and experimental art.

The 28 photography funds that make up the Collections originated from public projects carried out starting in the mid-eighties of the past century, acquisitions, donations and trusts.
The current plan of implementation of the photographic legacy is based on projects and assignments on which the Museum works and on a purchasing plan closely linked to the exhibition activities.

PLEASE NOTE: The on-site access of Mufoco Archives and Collections is temporarily suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience.

More than 45,000 images are available for online viewing, catalogued and digitalized with the support of the Lombardy Region through SIRBEC, the Regional Cultural Affairs System. The search engine is developed in collaboration with the ITC department of CNR, Milan.


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