The collection is made up of the works of the winners of the Riccardo Pezza European Prize of Photography and is important in so far as it reflects the contemporary production of young authors. In fact the prize, now well established, is considered an important observatory of the languages used by the new generation of photographers.

The Premio di Fotografia Riccardo Pezza was set up in 1995 in memory of Riccardo Pezza, a young photographer who studied at the Centro Bauer in Milan, inheritor of the courses run by the Società Umanitaria. Created at the behest of the Friends of Riccardo Pezza and initially organized by the Centro Bauer as a prize for those attending the school, in 1999 and thanks to the collaboration of the Associazione Culturale Album (former students and friends of the photography courses of the Centro Bauer and the Umanitaria) it was extended to a national level, open to all Italian universities, academies and postgraduate schools at which photography is taught. Subsequently, in 2007, it was given a European scope. Over the years, the initial promoters and supporters (Amici di Riccardo Pezza, Centro Bauer and Associazione Album) have been joined by the Department of Culture, Cultures and Integration and the Department of Vocational Training of the Province of Milan, the Milan Triennale, the Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea in Cinisello Balsamo-Milan and the Agency for Training and Labor of the Province of Milan. The current conditions under which the prize is held provide for the first and second prizewinning works to be acquired by the Museum.

Contents 10 prints, lightbox, video

Dating of works 2006-2008

Authors Emilia Castioni e Nicola Torcoli, Marco Dapino, Nicolas Wollnik, Simona Paleari

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